Thursday, January 17, 2008

A dream

Has anyone had a dream about the school process? Last night, I had a terrible nightmare.

The dream started with me opening the "envelope" from SFUSD. My assignment? Spring Valley. This wasn't the Spring Valley in Russian Hill. This school was on Airport Blvd. next to SFO.

I decided to wait list, which, in my dream, required visiting my top-pick school to fill out a form. I set out to find Alice Fong Yu that was in this massive building full of little schools. I got lost in the building and kept asking people, "Where's AFY?" No one knew. Finally, I found it. I walked into the cafeteria where dozens of parents were sitting at tables taking a test.

Getting on AFY's wait list involved taking a 20-page test full of questions about Chinese history. You also had to write an essay in Chinese. I started to cry.

And then I woke up.

At least we don't have to take tests to get our kids into kindergarten.


  1. I had a dream that my son and I were on one of these private school play date/interviews. Everything went really well and the director intimated that we had gotten in, then a few moments later I hear"ouch, you little bastard!",and my son laughing remorselessly at kicking the director, and then the phone rang and I woke up!

  2. when I was going through the process last year, we wanted to put 6 Spanish immersion schools on our list, certain that we could get into one of them. the touring process was grueling, and figuring out the order was challenging, too.
    we never bothered touring any other school that wasn't Spanish immersion, since that was our focus.
    and then during the holidays, weeks before the deadline to turn in applications, i had a dream where i toured AFY and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. it had families everywhere, and such a community feel that the building actually was like a little town in itself. there was a tour guided by a *group* of parents, and they showed kids in the classroom doing wonderful things. and at the end, the parents giving the tour were actually being very inviting, as if they didn't have enough applicants already! I remember I came out of the school tour feeling as if I had found the mother lode. I remember thinking in my dream, "Oh, the Richmond isn't that far from us...." (we live in the Mission and don't have a car). we still didn't tour the school or put it on our list, but I always doubted that choice...
    anyway, Kate, when you first started writing your blog, and mentioned that first dream you mentioned, I immediately knew what you were going through. and now that you had this dream, I just had to share!
    by the way, we didn't get any of the schools on our list during the first round (we sort of couldn't believe it, and the first thought that entered my head was, "why do we live in SF, again?"), but then we got our first choice in the second round, so we're happy. I think once people start getting their enrollment assignments, this blog will have lots more to talk about!!!

  3. I had a dream that I was on a school tour that went on and on and on and on. We were stuck in a science classroom and were told we would be there for three hours. And I grew increasingly desperate because I knew I was going to lose my job.

  4. These dreams are fun to read.

    Kate - would you mind posting a topic, or even a right side navigation header, for us to post school fundraising efforts (both private and public)? I figure we've got a big pool of people here, and I am sure others are happy as I am to attend a pancake breakfast at SF Community, a carnival at St Phillips, shop at Sports Basement for Miraloma, buy scrip or attend an auction, music event, or whatever. Thanks!

  5. weeks ago, i had a dream that i was visiting starr king for the fourth time (just to be sure) and saw that they had just installed a new soccer field, olympic-sized swimming pool, huge play structure with tree house. the whole school was beautiful and brand new. every class was mandarin immersion with bright red shiny new chairs. there were about 50 parents there asking the principal about immersion/mandarin stuff, while i was the parent hung up on the fact that the pool had no fence and my kid can't swim...

  6. PPS has a section for schools to announce fundraisers -- it's It's great to see the variety of events being held. A lot of creative people out there!