Sunday, November 18, 2007

Some things never change

In kindergarten, my Mom and I were in a carpool with two other families who lived on the next street over. There was Cindy and her daughter Jenny, and Mary and her son Nick. The moms took turns driving the three kids to school, which was a public school in the South Bay. Cindy was one of my Mom's closest friends; and Jenny was one of my best friends. We were a happy friendly group who often did things together on weekends. Anyway, kindergarten came and went, then summer, and soon it was time for first grade. My Mom assumed that she'd be a part of the same carpool but the day before school Cindy called to say she was sending Jenny to a private school. And then Mary called to say that she was sending Nick to the same private school. My Mom had no idea this was coming. She was surprised, confused, hurt. "Why hadn't they talked to her about this?" she wondered.

My Mom has told me this story many times over the years and it came to mind when I was at the MCDS coffee night last week. I was talking to a woman who reads this blog. She said that the blog was helping her because, "I can't even talk about schools with some of my friends." Some things never change.


  1. I have found that different people act differently. This search sure does bring out the worst in people!! I have felt literally scowled at by other parents at my child's preschool when we run into each other at tours. It is pretty obvious that we are all looking at, and applying to, the same schools, so I think that it is up to us to be as transparent and cordial as possible. (I hope I don't scowl at people, as stressed out as I am!) (E.g I am sitting here posting on this blog instead of working on my applications.)

    The story also showed another point, I thought: it was, and still is, possible to change schools after kindergarten. There's hope for all of us!

  2. Kate,

    I am addicted to your blog. So much on so many levels to think and discuss. Wish you could visit more public, like Sherman, Claire Lillenthal and Jose Ortega-(mandarin-immersion). Would love your insights on a few parochial too.

  3. I plan to hit on parochial schools next week. I may get to Jose Ortega and Claire Lillienthal.

  4. Kate,

    Would love to hear your thoughts on St. Vincent de Paul, St. Cecilia, Star of the Sea, NDV or St. Brendan if any of those are on your list.

  5. Seems to me like Kate needs some team members, since there seems to be so much appetite for more and more school reviews! How 'bout it, Kate? Got any fair-minded friends who like to write and are touring this year?