Monday, October 15, 2007

Why all the name changes?

A friend called me tonight and said, "What's up with all the name changes on your blog? You keep changing your daughter's name?"

I apologize: I'm new to blogging. I started this blog avoiding the use of any names and then I included names that were similar to our actual names. Later, I realized that it's common practice to use pseudonyms—especially when you're writing about kids.

So I've finally decided upon our official pseudo titles (I assure you, there are real people behind these names):

Kate: Mom
Ryan: Dad
Alice: Daughter
Sam: Son

I initially tried to come up with uberhip names. I was considering Paris for my daughter and Dante for my son—but I thought about it and realized that we're not cool people. And then I was trying to come up with something superclever—like we could all take on names of the Peanuts characters such as Lucy, Charlie, Sally, and Schroeder.

In the end, I decided to give us straightforward, simple names because we're really just an ordinary San Francisco family—scraping by. My husband is a scientist. I'm an editor. My daughter likes to play with dolls and dress up like a princess (much to my dismay). My son is into trains and dinosaurs. We go to the park on the weekends and sometimes we host a family over for dinner or brunch. We live in a little condo and own only one car. We definitely don't have the lifestyle that calls for names like Apple or Hopper or Jaz or Pilot. Anyway, please take note of the names.

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