Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

I just got back from trick-or-treating with my kids in the upper Noe Valley neighborhood. The houses were decked out with creepy decor and the streets were teeming with parents and kids, most of them under five years old. This was actually our first year walking our neighborhood streets on Halloween. I was overwhelmed and excited by the number of families. I couldn't help but think, Wouldn't it be great if we all went to our neighborhood school, which happens to be Fairmount? We all had so much spirit tonight and I can only imagine what we'd accomplish if we were all together at the same school. I know it's unrealistic, but it's nice to think about. Happy Halloween!


  1. Kate, I am your neighbor, but I actually don't live close enough to any school to constitute a "2 minute walk." Like you, we're in the Fairmount neighborhood zone, but we are so close to the border that we are actually a little closer to Alvarado. Either way, there are hills to climb and decend on the way to and from either school, making the walk to any school (except maybe St. Phillips) a 15 minute trek.

    I think that if I were lucky enough to live a 2-minute walk from a school, I would really think about it! My daughter dreams of walking to school. And so do I!

    (BTW, most of our neighbors, to the extent they have kids older than mine, and there are not a lot of them, go to private school. Sigh.)

  2. (Ironically, BTW, from Barbara's description here, it sounds like the MCDS bus picks up at St. Philips! Funny.)